Why Stop at Average: Live Your Dreams!

Why settle?

Many of us live the way society dictates, losing our identity in the process, sometimes wallowing in grief and questioning our self-worth. It is OK to feel down, and it is OK to fall, it is part of being human. What is NOT OK is to stay down, letting life pass you by!

Each and every one of us can achieve greatness. But in order do to that, break through your greatest detractor, which is yourself. No matter how much others believe in you, if you don’t, you will not get anywhere.

Jump. Fall. Get up. Be excited. Stop at nothing, no matter what. If you need to build something from the ground up with your bare hands, brick by brick, then do it. Master your mind. Master yourself. Steel your resolve and you will master the world. Average is for the weak.

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Source: Ryan Jones