This Is Why You’re In Control Of Your Life

You are the master of yourself.

You can do whatever you wish, and you can go anywhere you want to go. You are the one in control.

On the other side are people who would bully you and treat you as if you do not exist. They play with your feelings.

They would use you to get ahead until your usefulness has been outlived. They would treat you like a doormat, but only if you let them.

You cannot fight them by being like them, but you can rise to the occasion and take control of who you are. Don’t complain, just don’t let them. Stand up for yourself and whatever happens; don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

For example, if someone says you can’t do anything, do it and prove them wrong. When someone talks behind your back, look them straight in the eye, make your point and walk with your head held high. You are not weak, don’t be one.

“If you don’t like being a doormat then get off the floor.” – Al Anon

Take control of your life but never consider taking advantage of others. When you do this, you are not any better than them.

Remember that you only have to make a stand and be a master of your life, fate and destiny because you already are.

You are the only person who can stop others from hurting you and taking advantage of you. You can only avoid being a doormat if you pick up yourself and get off the floor. No matter how hurt you are and how painful the thing you have gone through, you can still find the strength to get up and reclaim your identity.

Get up, dust yourself off and be in control. You are way stronger than you think. Trust that you are meant to do great things.

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