Worried About Losing Good Employees? Avoid These 9 Practices

Loyalty not one-sided.

In reality, it could be but it hardly ever works that way. When it does, it barely lasts. It is true in any kind of relationship, be it personal or professional. Like plants, it has to be watered and fertilized to grow healthy and last for a long time.

In the business world, it is difficult to find good employees but it is easy to keep them, if managers know how to “manage.” Good employees know what they are capable of, know their worth and know how they should be treated. If not treated right, they can easily land another job where their skills and potential will be enhanced, not controlled.

I was part of the workforce for over a decade, and I have worked with 3 different managers. One of them let me be, the other held me like a toddler while the third treated me like an equal. Obviously, you know which one I stayed with the longest.

If you are a manager, and you want to keep your good employees, we encourage you to continue to treat them better. Loyalty is paid with loyalty and the success of an organization is not an effort of a single person. It is a collective effort from a single mind of many.

Huffington Post provided nine practices you must avoid at all cost to keep your good employees and attract new good ones. Read on below to find out.

How do you manage to keep your employees? If you are an employee, what would make you stay in a company?

9 Things That Make Good Employees Quit

Managers tend to blame their turnover problems on everything under the sun, while ignoring the crux of the matter: people don’t leave jobs; they leave managers.

First, we need to understand the nine worst things that managers do that send good people packing.

  1. They Overwork People
  2. They Don’t Recognize Contributions and Reward Good Work
  3. They Don’t Care about Their Employees
  4. They Don’t Honor Their Commitments
  5. They Hire and Promote the Wrong People
  6. They Don’t Let People Pursue Their Passions
  7. They Fail to Develop People’s Skills
  8. They Fail to Engage Their Creativity
  9. They Fail to Challenge People Intellectually

Bringing It All Together

If you want your best people to stay, you need to think carefully about how you treat them. You need to make them want to work for you.

–by Dr. Travis Bradberry

To read the entire article, please go to Huffington Post.