Worry Not: Struggle Is Nothing But A Foundation of Success

 Being born poor is not a bad thing…

Especially if you use it as motivation to get the things you never had in life.

Yes, at some point, you’d feel bad about it, especially if people around have the things you want.

But take note that rags to riches story is not a fairytale, it’s a real manifestation of being born with nothing and achieving everything and more. Being poor prepares you for the hard battle the rich-born ones were never aware of.

If nothing else, it prepares you to succeed. Remember, luck has nothing to do with success because you make your own luck.

It’s alright to struggle, everyone experiences it, albeit in a different shape and form but once you get through each struggle, you become aware of what you are capable of and nothing and no one can stop you from getting what you want.

Do you need more convincing? Watch the video below about a struggling young man who broke all the barriers to succeed.

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Source: Practice What U Want