Yes, Do Find The Immeasurable Strength In You

Challenges give you strength.

Face them.

It may not seem so at first, but look inside, deep inside and you will discover that you are more capable than you believe yourself to be. I am sure this is not your first rodeo when it comes to challenges in life. You have survived them all, and you will survive whatever happens if you become dedicated to your goals.

Your strength is immeasurable and your potential to succeed is as much. Borrowing the line from the below video:

“You have million dollar ideas. Billion dollar ideas in you…You walk outside and find pigeons, but if you are looking for eagles, it is going to take you a minute…”

These are all true. Don’t rush. Take your time and enjoy the journey. Eagles are becoming extinct, and only those who are patient enough to wait can find them, the same way only those who work hard enough can achieve success.

Find your strength and I guarantee you will never look back.

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Source: Be Inspired