Yes, It Is Hard At First But It Gets Easy and You Become Better

In the beginning, it may feel like a giant boulder.

That is how it is when starting on your dreams of wanting to be successful. It would seem impossible at first, almost a shot at the moon, but it does not mean you will not hit the mark.

Eventually, things will get easier; your way a little bit clearer, your motivation stronger. You will build your small successes, carry on, and take more chances and risks. You will get the hang of it and you will discover what you are capable of and more.

You will fail along the way, but you will get up and carry on, because you want your dreams to come true. You will shatter all the barriers you’d encounter; you will jump fences, even cross mountains—but you will not give up—that is the real meaning of success and hard work.

One day, you will wake up and things are easy, success is within reach, and you had become better than you were when you first started. You will appreciate what you have because no matter how hard it was, you got to where you wanted to be, and you have been molded into becoming who you really meant to be. The boulder is gone and there is nothing you cannot do.

Now, would you give up just because it is hard at first or would you carry on because it is going to get easy?

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