You Can Break Your Bad Habit In A Really Simple Way

It is in plain sight.

We just choose to ignore it. That is my personal take on this, at least. As TED Talks put it, straightforward at that, we have always been aware of what is good and bad for our body and our life in general. Yet, we often choose the path that would give us a fleeting moment of satisfaction (this is while also being aware of consequences as a result, so to speak).

But how do we break bad habits such as eating unhealthy food, smoking, prohibited drugs, self-deprecating talks? Simple, mindfulness in everything we do. It can easily be done, if we want to, because as human beings, we have the natural capacity to be curiously aware of what is right and wrong. There is hope to break the seemingly unending bad habits after all.

To learn more about this, watch the video below.

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Source: TED