You Have Life & Success Under Control When…

It is difficult to say when you have things under control when what you feel is the exact opposite.

Life can be downright frustrating, confusing, and sometimes utterly hopeless. But before you throw in the towel and say you give up, re-evaluate your situation.

The following will tell you when you have life and success (no matter how small) under control:

You successfully get out of bed each day.
The prospect of going to work and doing the same thing, which bores you to death is unappealing, but it does not stop you from showing up. Staying in bed and calling in sick could have been easier.

You are smiling and laughing.
Yes, even at yourself. You still see the goodness and beauty of the world, despite the heavy burden on your shoulders. You appreciate being alive although, at the moment, everything around you seems ready to explode and spin out of control.

You are dreaming big dreams.
The impossibility of it all are overwhelming, but nothing can break your goals. You may have preferred to be in a better place right now, but it hardly matters. You cannot be deterred. This attitude in itself is a big step and a big success. You have taken control, and you have chosen to write your own story.

Take charge. Write your own story.

You have faith.
You know that things will get better. What you need to do right now is learn as much as you can and carry on, no matter what. It is the only way to achieve what you want in life.

You are grateful.
It’s hard to be grateful when you are struggling to make ends meet, or you have problems to solve, but you remain steadfast and still manage to thank your stars for the opportunity, for the unknown and for a chance to be successful in the process.

Tell us, do you have it under control?