Your Action Speaks Louder Than Fear

“We Generate Fears While We Sit. We Overcome Them By Action.” – Dr. Henry Link

People kick butt differently.

We all have dreams, big or small and we all have goals we want to achieve sooner or later. Some take action and some, while they have aspirations, sometimes, they are led by fear.

It is easy to succumb to fear, to let things remain stagnant because you are afraid to fail or that you worry about what other people might say and think about you. However, if you don’t challenge yourself and do what you think is impossible, your dreams will remain unrealized.

Remember that you deserve more and that you should not settle for a mediocre life. Fear is something we all share in every aspect of life. What differs us from each other is that some face their fears and rule over them, whereas, some let fear rule over them.

Take action and begin today. Let your action speak louder than your fear. Make it immaterial, because it is. Do precisely the thing that you fear about, and you will be free of worries.

Taking action does not mean you will get everything right. It means you will experience life and discover that it has a lot to offer, from great lessons to things that you think is impossible to achieve.

Most importantly, you will discover yourself and find out what you can do even when you don’t always know what the outcome will be. Do what you want to do and follow where your dreams will lead you.

You have nothing to lose, only things to learn and discover. Live life and keep dreaming big dreams but whatever you become and wherever life leads you, crush your fear and kick butt. Always.

Make your dreams happen and let your fear know that you can do anything and you will break barriers.

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