Your Dreams Were Derailed, What Now?

You have never worked so hard in your life.

You hoped for the best, and you did what you can, expecting a favorable outcome. However, you failed but not because for lack of trying. In fact, you cannot figure out what went wrong, except that your dreams were crushed and you feel hopeless.

But what do you do? Do you just give up or keep trying? The answer, fortunately, is in your hands. Take note that even when you have failed so many times over, it is still not a reason to give up.

The following will help you get back on your feet and bring back your dreams to life once more:

Face and accept what happened.

There is no use denying it. It has happened and as much as you want to try to turn back the clock, it is not going to work. When you face and accept it, the healing process begins, so does recovery. You can also start to regroup and assess what you did wrong; the things you did right and what you can do better next time. When you fail to acknowledge what has happened, you will find it hard to move on and start over. Same with our fear, the best way to beat it is to deal with it face-to-face, and not run away from it.

Stop overanalyzing.

Failure has already happened, and your dreams did not materialize. It is what it is. Do not overthink things because when you do, you end up feeling worse. You would think that you could have done something more and maybe you could have but looking back at it with such mindset is not going to make things better. The only thing you can do is learn the lessons failure is trying to teach you and aim to do better. When you choose to do better the second time around, you end up doing exactly that.

Don’t be too hard on yourself.

Forgive yourself. Stop the hate and the blame for what has gone wrong. You know, deep inside, that you have done your very best and there is no way you could have done more. What you did was enough at that point. Even when you blame yourself senseless, you cannot change what occurred. What you should focus on is to starting over and dreaming again.

Remember, just because you failed doesn’t mean your dreams can no longer be achieved. It only means they cannot be a reality yet, but tomorrow holds a different story. Do not let any derailment stop you from your birthright, known as greatness.

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