Warning: You Could Be Killing Your Team’s Motivation

Leadership is crucial in any organization.

And so are the team members. A good leader is followed without question, but a leader could also be the reason why a team loses motivation and confidence. What is worse about it (or shall we say, more damaging) is that sometimes, a leader is unaware of his actions.

As a leader, a good start would be to be more prepared and be more aware how your actions affect your people.

For example, do you encourage your people? Do you have a solid plan? Do you take responsibility? Do you promote good camaraderie among team members? Or do you recognize good effort when you see one? Even more important, are you taking your team to the right direction?

These are crucial questions, and if you do not know the answer, you should find out because you may be the reason why your team members are losing motivation or why some of them are leaving the organization for good.

To find out if you are killing your team’s motivation without exerting an effort, read below article from Linked In Pulse and take the necessary action.

Do you have additional silent motivation killer in mind? Please leave them in the comment box.

How To Kill Your Team’s Motivation Without Really Trying

Some organizations make it nearly impossible for a team member to move forward an inch. They don’t trust their employees enough to let them do the jobs they were hired for.

Here are ten roadblocks to forward energy — what we at Human Workplace call Team Mojo — that you can start to dismantle immediately. The more easily you allow the energy to flow in your shop, the more easily your team will reach its goals! 

Ten Energy Blockers That Kill Motivation

Murky or Nonexistent Plan

Role Confusion

Mixed Messages

Unaddressed Conflict

Lack of Visibility

Elephant in the Room

Red Tape

Too Many Approvals

Disturbance in the Force


We can find our voices and speak up about what’s working and what isn’t working in our organizations. We can start today!

–by Liz Ryan

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